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OCS Progress Update

posted Jul 19, 2012, 11:56 PM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Jul 19, 2012, 11:56 PM ]
From David Swain: 
Here is a quick progress update on OCS. If you need further information about any topic please let me  know. 


The base system build has been completed and is now undergoing integrated systems testing. The phase II system builders are engaged in formal training. UNIT4 resources are being identified and timetabled for the initial roll outs of the system to the phase I centres. UNIT4/Highpoint have been chosen to provide end user training materials and services.

Base blueprint system build

The base blueprint system build was completed at the end of June by a CIP/IRRI/WorldFish joint team working at Penang and also Los Banos. The base system embraces the key requirements set out in the system design document that was agreed by all participating centres earlier this year.

Integrated Systems Testing

The base system is undergoing a planned series of tests. Testing will continue until the 27th July. Issues arising during testing are being logged . Currently there are only 10 outstanding issues The testing is being managed by Eric Clutario and is being carried out by phase I builders operating from CIP, WorldFish and IRRI. They are assisted by UNIT4 consultants on site at IRRI.  The builders have generously rearranged their working days to ensure a working time overlap between those based in Peru and in Asia.

Phase I Localisation and roll-out

The Phase I centres have completed their localisation/roll-out plans. UNIT4 resources are being scheduled to support the plans. Resources need to be booked at least 6 weeks in advance. Plans and resources change, the current plan has some rollout conflicts that will be addressed in the coming weeks. Current versions of the Resource Plan and the Centre specific plans are available in the WS99 Management/Plans and Resources Dropbox. 

System Builder Training

The phase II system builders have completed the Basic Financial and HR training courses held at ILRI Nairobi.  Training of a more technical nature will take place between 30th July and 15th August. The second half of this training will be carried out by Kevin Leadly. Kevin has been closely involved with the development of the OCS Base System and is currently assisting the integrated systems testing at IRRI, so he will bring an intimate knowledge of the OCS system to the training room.


Currently there are 3 environments in use, OCSBUILD (where the original base system was built and unit tested), OCSCLEAN (a transaction free ‘clean’ system. And OCSIST (the environment in use for the formal integrated systems testing). Once the IST is completed OCSCLEAN will be brought up to date and used as a basis for creating additional environments to support localisation building, end user training and the production system. See WS99 Management/Plans and Resources/OCS Environments in the Dropbox UNIT4 Managed Services will update the current environments to Route66 version 3 during the week 30th July-3rd August.  The new environments will be created after this upgrade.

OCS Support Unit

Marco van den Burg is in the process of setting up the OCS Support Unit. He will visit the UNIT4 technical support team in the UK next week to build close relationships and to discuss technical issues related to OCS.

End User Training

UNIT4, in partnership with Highpoint Services have been selected as the provider of end user training materials and end user training support. Tania Jordan is managing the coordination with UNIT4/Highpoint for the provision of their services and learning management system. The contract for the agreement with UNIT4/Highpoint is expected to be signed early next week.

OCS Web Site

Tania and Eric have set up an OCS web site. This will eventually provide general information about OCS and also act as a repository for OCS related materials. http://ocs.cgxchange.org/