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CGIAR relationship with UNIT4

posted May 25, 2016, 1:37 AM by Caroline Nzui
In the last 18 months UNIT4 has made huge organisational changes within the company. They have moved from country based silos to a global structure organised around products. CGIAR now has access to executives in the global structure and is no longer reliant on UNIT4 UK.

OCS Operational Support Unit (OSU) met with Paul Marriner, the Global Head of Non-Profit advisory and explained the challenges OCS members had in their relationship with UNIT4 during the implementation and with the issues that have been experienced during implementation and use of the product. As an initial starting point to repairing those relations and improving our current implementations UNIT4 have offered to carry out a review of the OCS implementation. The review will concentrate on features of the product where OCS members have indicated there are issues or that the product doesn’t provide the required features. These will include: commitment accounting and funds checking; travel; dashboards; missing workflow and the re-engineering of the Project and Agreement implementation that is preventing us from using new Project related features of Business World.

The review will start in May and will be carried out by Phil Beaumont, a very experienced global pre- sales consultant and a solution architect yet to be named. A report will be prepared for discussion at the next OCS Steering Committee in early June.