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End User Training at ICRAF

posted Mar 11, 2015, 6:48 AM by Caroline Nzui   [ updated Apr 26, 2015, 11:53 PM ]

OCS end user training commences

By Betty Rabar


The OCS end user training was officially launched on Monday 16 March 2015. The event began with a brief welcome by the OCS Project Manager, Linus Kabutha. He then introduced Laksiri Abeysekera, the OCS Patron, who noted that it had been a long journey. He observed that several training sessions would be conducted for ICRAF staff and encouraged all participants to provide feedback, especially on how the system could be improved.

Tony Simons, the Director General, in his speech began by saying that OCS was not voluntary and that this was a decision that had been made by the senior leadership team way back in 2012. “We expect to have some teething problems at the beginning but it is important to streamline our organization’s systems and processes. The system is definitely not perfect so feedback from the participants in the next few week will be crucial.”

The first session was run by Leah Kiura, a Training Consultant, and Edwin Kipchumba, one of the system builders. Leah noted that the main aim of the training workshops was to guide all ICRAF staff to navigate ABW to efficiently perform various tasks.

During the initial training participants went through the login process and some of the key features on the homepage. A number of issues were raised during the training workshop. One of the main ones was ensuring that the system is intuitive, replacing terms with those that the organization was already using, and looking into the possibility of downloading it as an app on the mobile phone

The OCS training workshops, which will run from 16 March to 9 April 2015, aim to train over 325 staff from ICRAF in Nairobi plus the hosted institutions. All staff will receive training on introduction to Agresso, how to apply for leave, procurement and travel. The event was also attended by a representative from Unit4 South Africa.

OCS training will be rolled out to all regions in the next few months.