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OCS user shares experience

posted Nov 19, 2013, 7:17 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 19, 2013, 7:25 AM ]
Marilyn Garcia-Belen of the Partnerships Office is an OCS power user, like several other IRRI staff. She logs onto OCS almost every day, unlike other users who have to do so only occasionally. Since the system went live, Marilyn has been asked for assistance by colleagues who are not as familiar with the new system. Marilyn has finished four online OCS courses and has attended OCS classroom sessions on human resources, project management, finance, and procurement and is thus considered an “OCS Flight crew” member. .

On the week that OCS launched at headquarters, Marilyn Belen, who serves both Partnerships and Communication offices as secretary, was surprised to get a call from the DG’s office to assist Bob Zeigler himself on using the OCS. She soon found herself standing beside Bob at his desk, guiding the DG step-by-step. “The DG needed to approve an air ticket request and I was of course excited about helping him out but also nervous.” She added that it was a pleasant surprise for her. She joined IRRI in 1987 and has served the Institute through six DGs, but helping Bob was the first opportunity she had to personally assist the DG with a task.” 

User feedback and update
“I like the OCS feature Funds Check Result. It lets me know the available budget under a certain agreement and BUS (basic unit of science) quick and easy.” 
The new system has been accessed by 690 staff, with more than 1,000 logins per work day since it went live, according to the system statistics as observed by Marco van den Berg, IRRI chief information officer and OCS project manager. “We’ve seen staff helping each other out, and we greatly appreciate it. It’s also been valuable for the OCS team to hear user feedback, and we have started to implement several valuable suggestions”

Training update
End-training (classroom) sessions on project management, finance, and procurement were concluded on 23 October 2013 with a total of 189 participants that includes country office staff. More than 100 colleagues attended sessions on the Human Resources module.

On 11-15 November, representatives from eight IRRI Country Offices (India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Burundi, Thailand, Iran, Indonesia, and Mozambique) attended a workshop at headquarters that included OCS orientation sessions. 

Members of the IRRI management committee attended an OCS  boot camp on 15 November to get more acquainted with the new system.  

Online sessions
All staff members at headquarters and country offices are encouraged to take advantage of online training courses that are designed for all users. Everyone can access this resource at https://ocs-training.cgiar.org. Some 340 IRRI staff members have accessed the learning management system (LMS). 

Encouraging users to keep on
We recognize that it will take time for everyone to learn to use a new and evolving tool, and we appreciate those who have given extra time and effort to make it work for others around them. We also recognize that the multiplier effect of end users, like Marilyn helping other users, will contribute to the overall success of the OCS implementation at IRRI.

For feedback, assistance, and inquiries on the OCS training, email m.c.dizon@irri.org.
For assistance and feedback on using OCS, email OCSHelpline@irri.org.