No LMS for OCS - SharePoint or Google Apps instead.

posted May 11, 2012, 1:35 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated May 11, 2012, 1:35 AM ]

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the End-User Training for OCS and change of plans around implementing LMS for OCS. As you know, the Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) is the first stage in the engagement with the End-User Training providers, and this exercise is needed to know:  


1. Who needs to be trained? (Identify the users in Centers that need to be trained) / 2. What needs to be trained? (Identify the training courses that need for /delivered) /

3. When and where do users need to be trained? (Identify and confirm suitable venues and locations to deliver training) 4. What material needs to be developed? (Scope of training content that needs to be developed) 5. What are the key learning points for each course? /6.  Which examples can best describe the processes to be demonstrated

After analyzing two different end-user Training providers: Unit4/Highpoint and Optimum; we have contracted the Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) exercise with Optimum for the first implementing Centers (IRRI, CIP, WORLDFISH, Consortium Office). This exercise is being carried out from May 7- 21, 2012, in time to present the analysis to the Steering Committee on May 23rd.

We started the Training Requirements Analysis with the provider this week, and Dave and I discussed further details on the Training strategy and methods for delivery with the provider today.

As you know, the idea is to use the OCS base system build as the Training environment to create the end-user training materials. Given that the base build may change slightly, even after the first Center roll-out, we have agreed with the provider to keep things as simple as possible when developing training materials, hence use more written guides (quick cards, quick guides, etc which are easier to modify) than eLearning which take time to produce, and if the eLearning is created too early, it may deliver the wrong messages, and will be costly to modify, so following my messages in which I suggested the implementation of an LMS as an option to host eLearning materials and help us coordinate the eLearning/classroom trainings for OCS, we have determined with Dave, that we will forget about the idea of implementing an LMS for OCS at this point, which I believe, would have been a nice to have (fancy!), but it would have been complex to get the requirements right at this point, not to mention the costs implications and governance issues to ensure its’ continuity.

Bottom line: ‘Simplicity’ is the rule of the game now. We will not embark in the LMS business for OCS, and instead, we should think about how to adopt/ use the workspaces available in your Centers today (even if we use eLearning/ emovies for some courses) to store OCS Training materials for your Centers.


-          SharePoint –for those who have their own Center Intranet. SharePoint is used widely in these initiatives by other companies who have implemented Agresso as a place to store Training materials) or  

-          Google Apps – a combination of Sites, Docs, Video, Calendar) to share the training materials with your staff, allow them to discuss, send feedback, etc could be explored too..


I will do some more research of how to design these workspaces with the two platforms above to help guide Centers in the design, and will get back to you.


In the meanwhile, let me know what you think and if you have any ideas, do let me know.