Given selection of provider - LMS is back in the picture!

posted Jul 18, 2012, 12:20 AM by Tania Jordan

Considering the OCS Centers will need to deliver Training to over 5000 people distributed in over 50 countries through a blended delivery methodology approach based on Roles Learning Programs, and given the selection of Unit4/Highpoint as the provider, they will setup an LMS based on Totara Moodle for those Centers who are interested. The LMS will ensure:

ü  Remote learners are able to complete the self studies, enroll in courses and track learning

ü  Monitoring and reporting by Training Coordinators and Centers to see progress of booking and training  /Delegate self administration, reducing overhead

ü  Costs of travel significantly reduced

ü  Sustainable training materials for future use (easy to edit and update)

ü  Modular materials for assistance during Go Live support

ü  Successful Learning Program for ongoing Business as Usual and change of staff


More soon!