Eummena - ARIADNE Quote - questions?

posted Apr 26, 2012, 3:34 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated May 2, 2012, 12:45 PM ]

- Phase I: Needs analysis, goals and project - will take one month. to work on a Roadmap -> one meeting or two to discuss better the needs. (~3 weeks - blueprint). They will prepare some questions / what kind of learning materials will be used (storage to estimate the BW).

- 1.  Phase II- Software Installation and Config - you have not yet determined where this will be hosted. Any implications on costs or is this transparent to us? 

Option 1. to host on a dedicated server (1 server) - up to 10,000 users and this works well.- we would probably start with this..
Option 2. Cloud installation - they have tested, but do not have experience in a working environment... *buy more storage/more CPU as needed (Amazon). They will decide this on the way forward. No additional cost implications with either. 
2- Exportability of Moodle? - yes this is possible. Whole Moodle can be moved from one installation to another, or host it elsewhere.Since the courses will be implemented with (Moodle 2.2)

3. Modules development and integration - AD mostly, can be 1/3 of cost if we don't use any custom features.

One Moodle for all. 
6 departments - classes (courses) - Groups/Departments /Courses

- 2. Courses setup -  please quote the setup per course. What does 'setup' mean exactly? We would need help in the setup for the 1st Center perhaps, but our own people should be trained to setup the courses ourselves. 

Estimate of 1-2 weeks before each training when the trainers, will want to adopt the environment of the course enable/disable features, do some customization/colors. integrate learning materials in the course. 
Cost per course / Training: 

How much would it cost to give us a virtual training course on creating courses? A. Yes, they will quote.

maintenance cost will be adopted to meet the estimated needs, in terms of “active” users, an approximate cost being in the range of € 5 to € 10/ user/ year or they can provide a fixed cost/month.  but the typical way of charging is per user. 
- maintenance, backup, patching, technical support, reporting (analytics).

- 3. Normal Deployment and ongoing support - please quote this differently. 
We also need to know how the ongoing costs will be charged before committing further.I would prefer a fixed monthly fee for hosting/backup that all can distribute based on # of staff or something like this.. Your thoughts?

- 4. Did the proposal take into consideration the option to link access to our Active Directory?

A/ Yes, this is their reply to this question: The linkage will be performed with the "PHP LDAP" module. This could mean some configuration on your AD', so for example all account that are made available on the LMS should belong to a "LMSusers" organisational unit. Then we could query the forest's Global Catalog for something like: "ldap_contexts = ou=LMSusers,dc=center1,dc=cgiar,dc=org. A non-privileged LDAP user account will be needed to bind to the LDAP server. The users passwords will not be stored in Moodle at all, and users shall not be able to change their passwords through Moodle's GUI.  

 - 5. What are the possibilities for expanding the use of the LMS after the OCS project? This could be a useful argument for justifying the initial cost. The design should consider this as a potential for expansion in the future.

Option 1- Secure connection with Active Directory - Domain controller (no need to store accounts in Moodle).  - Moodle LMS users

Option 2 - Sync of users (Open LDAP Server that they will host - in parallel with the Moodle server)

Tania Jordan,
Apr 26, 2012, 4:33 AM