As part of the Training Coordinator terms of reference, one of the activities the TC should carry out is:

Propose and implement a shared Workspace - to ensure all documentation and training materials are easily available and accessible from one central location to all OCS member centers and staff to ensure versions are maintained. 

Initial Proposal: Implement Moodle LMS to support the Training Roll-out for OCS.

Latest Proposal:   May 16, 2012: Implement tte Training platform with the tools we have: Google Apps or SharePoint 2010 to store training materials /Center.

Why Moodle LMS for OCS?

- Store the e-Learning / classroom-based courses and materials produced as part of the OCS End-User Training project
- Help us schedule courses (classroom-based and eLearning); together with rooms and trainers
- Store / Analyze the post-training assessments to plan future Trainings / knowledge gaps
- Schedule delegates onto courses and then communicate this via an invitation
- Monitor responses to the invitation, chasing non-responders, changing dates that are not suitable
- Ad hoc reports on attendance and bookings  and ensure course versioning

Latest documents on LMS

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