Weekly update: Aug 27-31

posted Sep 3, 2012, 2:47 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Sep 3, 2012, 3:28 AM ]

Dear Training Coordinators, As I mentioned last week, Highpoint had started the development of the three general introductory courses, which I reviewed myself first prior to asking Training Coordinators to review given that I felt they still needed some quality check from Highpoint. Following my feedback to Highpoint, I believe these are now ready for your review and would appreciate feedback from you in regards to quality and clarity of the materials by Friday, Sept 7, 2012.

Action:  How to provide feedback on the first 3 introductory courses:

I've create an online Google spreadsheet with a worksheet to get your feedback for each course. Each worksheet has the name of the courses and has an area for each sub-section of the course. Please use the ' General' worksheet to provide any general comments that apply for all courses. Use the name of the spreadsheet and the sections for each course to provide your feedback on a specific area of the course.

·         Link of the feedback spreadsheet for Training Coordinators: Click here (login with your CGX account)

·         Link of the feedback spreadsheet for IRRI:  Click here

The link of the courses to review in the LMS are:

·        HP01 - Introduction to Agresso Self-Service

·     HP02 - Introduction to Agresso Smart client (HR Users)

·     HP03 - Introduction to Agresso Smart client

More updates:

- IRRI has moved their roll-out date to Dec 3, 2012 in HQ .This means that by end October 2012, all end-user Training courses and LMS should be properly created and setup to support IRRI's roll-out and I will plan accordingly with the provider to ensure this. 

- The Training Database will be sent by the OCS build team to Highpoint this week. With the Training Database, Highpoint will be able to start manipulating it to add Training data / document the cases / screenshots for the end-user materials and exercises, etc to continue developing the rest of the subject courses. 

-  1st OCS base build Process Experts : Please note: Highpoint will be contacting you (via email) with questions and schedule calls with you (via Skype) to ask questions and clarify the 'stories' they are putting together in order to create concise, accurate and quality training materials that are meaningful to our end-users. Please be supportive to the provider when they ask questions. If you are not able to talk them, please suggest someone else who can help on your behalf. Thank you in advance!

- LMS - Action: I have worked on a suggested Course layout for the LMS which I am validating with Training Coordinators and hope to get a response from them by Sept 7thThis will help us sign-off a default suggested course structure for all subsequent courses that will be designed for use in the LMS.  


Tania Jordan