Weekly Update: Aug 13-17, 2012

posted Aug 17, 2012, 7:39 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Aug 19, 2012, 11:47 PM ]
The design and development of the end-User Training courses for OCS has started and is progressing well. As anticipated, Unit4/Highpoint has completed the initial pre-requisite courses:

o   HP01 - Introduction to Agresso Self-Service

o   HP02 - Introduction to Agresso Smart client (HR Users)

o   HP03 - Introduction to Agresso Smart client

I'm currently reviewing the initial set of pre-prerequisite courses to find any quality /content issues. These will be shared with Center Training Coordinators next week so they can also provide their feedback through an online form  being setup by me. Once we agree on the initial content, these courses will be signed-off as complete.  

Access to the cutoff Training Database was given to Highpoint this week, hence they have also started looking at the base system build which will be used for the development of the baseline training courses, and they have started working on the following courses/ content items as well: 

CG01 (Introduction to Projects) – This is a self-study introduction to Projects course. CG02 will follow after but is the course most in need of FL guidance and information.

CG09 (Introduction to Finance) – 2 tutorials on LMS dealing with Attributes and Account Rules. More to be added soon.

CG10 (General Ledger) – Skeleton of the Reference Guide created.

CG26 (HR Employees) – Skeleton Reg Guide created.

Finally, I've created a page on this site so you can follow-up on the end-user Training course development status at anytime.

Until next update. 

Tania Jordan (OCS Training Coordinator)