EUT Update: Sept 10-14

posted Sep 14, 2012, 6:46 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Sep 14, 2012, 6:59 AM ]
Baseline Course development and high-level EUT plan for 2012: 

The Introductory courses HP01, HP02 and HP03 were reviewed by some of the Training Coordinators, and their collated feedback was sent to Highpoint for their action this week. 

Once Highpoint incorporates the changes, I believe we can consider these as Completed, pending final quick review. 

This exercise with the Training Coordinators was interesting since it gave us the opportunity to see the theory in action; allowing us to mark our preferences with the courses, in terms of content quality, clarity of questions in the quizzes and feedback forms. Thank you to the Training Coordinators from Bioversity, ILRI, WorldAgroforesty, and IRRI for their useful feedback!

On the other hand, Highpoint has been communicating with the 1st base build Workstream leads to get their feedback on processes and clarify questions for the Finance, Projects and HR courses. Following their interactions, and given Highpoint now has access to the Training DB (see note below), I expect we may be receiving  additional courses to review next week.

Highpoint plans to complete the initial development of the baseline courses by end September 2012, followed by our review and sign-off in October 2012. 

In October we also plan to localize materials based on IRRI's localization. CIP may choose to localize materials in Spanish with the Unit4 office in Cali (TBC) which then, will probably be reused by CIAT too. 

Training Database:  On Thursday, Sept 13th; Highpoint received the Training database which as you know, is based on our 1st OCS base build. This was a critical step we were waiting for, to allow Highpoint to move forward with the development of materials and training exercises.

As you know, the Base Build DB was not fully tested during Integrated System Tests (IST). Highpoint expressed their initial concern with this, since they fear this may be a potential issue if some of the functions, which are required in user training, do not work as they should with that DB.  

To find the potential issues for EUT with more accuracy, Highpoint is planning to test a sample of the processes in the Training DB to determine the %age success rate, and report back to me next week. I will keep you informed of the outcomes of this process. 

LMS:  The LMS course design layout I proposed was accepted by the Training Coordinators, hence I have informed Highpoint to apply that layout for all subsequent courses on the LMS to ensure consistency

At this point, it becomes key to start understanding Center's preferences of Strategy, to know who is really interested in the LMS and be able to calculate the variable LMS cost distribution in a more accurate way. What does your Center need to be able to determine to opt-in or out of the LMS? Please let me know soon, so I can try to help.