EUT Update: June 2013

posted Jun 17, 2013, 6:00 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Jun 18, 2013, 12:32 AM ]
OCS (based on Agresso Business World – ABW) is about to finalize the implementation phase in WorldFish and it will become operational soon. 

All staff will use it in one way or another since this system will integrate activity across the core business processes of Research Management, Human Resources, Budgeting and Financial Control and Resource Management within WorldFish.

Understanding that it will take staff time to learn and get accustomed to using Agresso, OCS End-User classroom Training delivery at WorldFish HQ is scheduled from July 1-12, 2013 and a group of users will be trained as trainers in Agresso on the 27th and 28th June. Two Highpoint trainers will be on site to deliver the first round of the core Finance, HR and Projects-related courses. 

Taking advantage of this f2f training period, the Finance team in HQ is also organizing additional sessions to update Finance staff about the new finance processes at WorldFish. 

As part of the training strategy, WorldFish has invited one key focal point from each regional office (7 in total); to participate in these professional classroom training sessions in HQ so they can be ‘champions’ in helping their colleagues carry out the functions required in their offices. Additional training sessions for the country offices (and HQ) will be scheduled following initial roll-out using internal WorldFish trainers.

On July 1st, all staff in WorldFish HQ will be invited to commence the self-paced e-Learning courses which have been developed to allow staff to learn how to use the Agresso system. These courses can be completed directly from their own computers; through a Training Google site being setup for WorldFish and includes: introductory courses to help them use the Agresso Self Service / Smart Client interfaces and additional courses to learn:

-  How to book leave (absence)

- How to manage their personal information in HR (dependents, assigning a substitute, competencies, booking training courses, recording annual objectives; etc.)

-   and how to raise a requisition and travel requests.

Staff working in Finance, HR and Projects Office will have some additional specialized prerequisite courses to complete prior to attending the classroom courses and they have been informed of this accordingly.

At the moment, Highpoint is currently localizing the materials for WorldFish and an OCS sandbox is being setup by the WorldFish team so end-users can easily follow the e-Learning courses while accessing a close to ‘real’ system to give them the feeling of how the system can be used when rolled-out. WorldFish staff will be informed when the Training site and sandbox is ready for them to get the learning process started.

EUT plans

This is the spreadsheet with the current planned EUT information:’s key that Centers inform the Training Coordinator of their plans for EUT, including the level of support required by the Training provider to ensure consistent planning throughout 2013.

Thank you,

Tania Jordan