EUT Update - Oct 8-12

posted Oct 12, 2012, 7:32 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Oct 12, 2012, 12:38 PM ]

This week (8/10/12)

1.    The Baseline Training Materials development by Highpoint is progressing, with some delays. To date, approximately 70% of the Training courses have been drafted and Highpoint expects to finalize the majority of the courses on Oct 19, 2012, to move on to localization of IRRI's training materials.

2.    We should expect some delay in the completion of the baseline courses for HR and Projects due to incompleteness of our Training Database and delays from the base build process experts to provide feedback given they are clearly very busy themselves trying to move forward their own localisations and deadlines.

3.    I have been working with IRRI and Highpoint to complete IRRI's user and role mapping. This is a key process to ensure we have an accurate number of people in the courses and identify the course delivery schedule for the 3 weeks EUT period prior to roll-out. Given there are approximately 15 classroom-based courses to deliver, it is clear that EUT delivery will need to continue beyond IRRI's roll-out date, hence the strategy to date is to prioritize the delivery of key courses that are required before roll-out, and postpone others for later.

4.    When carrying out the role mapping exercise with IRRI, I realized the course objectives for some of the courses was not really clear. The course content is actually explained in the Course syllabus provided by Highpoint at proposal level, but my intention is to prepare a summary spreadsheet with a detailed list of the user training  classroom courses including: course objectives, duration, and type of delivery so facilitate this process for the other Centers and ensure we do not enroll people in courses if not required by them to carry out their work and keep the # of delivery days lean. I will send this to you when finalized early next week.

5.    I've been working on the LMS scoping document so the solution design of the LMS architecture can be carried out by Highpoint next week to prepare for IRRI's setup and appropriate Learning Programs.

Week (Oct 15, 2012) (-4 weeks)

1.    I will be visiting Highpoint on Oct 18 and 19 to for a thorough review meeting to review the baseline Training documents, discuss the solution design for the LMS, including user management and learning programs. 

2.    There are a number of issues regarding the current Training database that need to be resolved, to allow Highpoint to finalize the materials and exercises. Highpoint is expecting to receive a fully functioning database version this week (15/10/12). Dave Swain and Unit4 are working on this. It's important to highlight that further delays with this represents a risk to complete the base build EUT materials.

Week (Oct 22, 2012) (-3 weeks)

1.    IRRI and Highpoint to complete the user Learning Program mapping for LMS

2.    Setup and configure LMS learning programs for IRRI

3.    Agree  and send communications to learners – IRRI/TaniaJ/Highpoint

4.    Pilot LMS with some key users IRRI

Week (Oct 29, 2012)  (-2 weeks)

1.    Finalise all materials for IRRI - Highpoint

2.    Testing and Review -Highpoint/IRRI

Week (Nov 5, 2012) (-1 week)

1.    Final test / Ensure Training DB accessible from Training Rooms and from PC's - IRRI

2.    Users scheduled in classroom-based courses should start the e-Learning/self-paced courses through the LMS as pre-requisite to participate in the classroom-based courses

3.    Printing of materials - IRRI

Week (Nov 12, 2012)

1.    User Training Delivery Starts at IRRI

A few recommendations for all Centers when planning EUT:

1. It's very important to start thinking carefully about your internal OCS end-user trainers. To appoint a trainer who will deliver Agresso end-user courses, it's recommended they: 

o    Know the subject matter and processes of the courses they are required to teach

o    Know how to use and browse through the Agresso system

o    Have some experience with user training delivery (nice to have)

o    Have enough time for preparations prior to delivery (E.g: read through all materials (lesson plan, exercises, reference materials) and practice exercises on the system 

 2. Those of your who are currently localizing your OCS databases, it would be a good practice to ensure that all new fields, tabs and processes are being clearly documented (in English hopefully) by all workstreams in your Center to facilitate and speed up the localization of your materials when we get to this point.

Until next update! 

Tania Jordan,
Oct 12, 2012, 7:40 AM