EUT Update- Nov 16

posted Nov 16, 2012, 3:30 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Nov 23, 2012, 6:10 AM ]

End-User Training delivery at IRRI HQ is scheduled on Dec 10-21, 2012 using Highpoint trainers to deliver all Finance-related courses, IRRI trainers to deliver courses to HR and Projects Office staff, and Projects Office staff delivering seminar style presentations to Project leaders on their functions in Agresso. All other staff in HQ will be trained through self-paced e-Learning courses using the Learning Management System. CIP is scheduling end-user Training from Jan 7-25, 2013 in Lima, Peru and I'm communicating with them to provide support to their delivery plan.

To ensure we were able to meet IRRI's deadline, Highpoint has already started to work on the localization of IRRI's user training documentation this week and plan to finalize them on Friday, Nov 30th. The baseline materials based on base build DB were 75% complete, and Highpoint is using those as the starting point to work on IRRI's localization documents. Highpoint plans to finalize baseline materials once we ensure IRRI is up and running with their localized courses for EUT.

IRRI-Localization of materials

Highpoint is working from the UK on the localization of IRRI's Training course documentation with a team of 6-7 people who are interacting with IRRI's system builders/process experts by email or Skype to capture their feedback to finalize and sign-off their localized training documentation. 

As I mentioned in a previous update: it's key that all Centers document the different localization changes being made on your systems to ensure that when we get to the point of having the localize your training materials, these can be easily amended either by your own system builders/experts or by Highpoint as an optional service. Centers should inform me beforehand of their intentions for localization (~6 weeks before) to ensure the necessary Highpoint resources are scheduled to support you when required.

IRRI Classroom schedule (Dec 10-21): 

This most recent user training classroom schedule for IRRI can be previewed below. This is where ultimately all Centers should get to depending on the courses you require and number of delegates for each course. Centers will have to think carefully whether they will have their own trainers delivering some courses, or if they will require support from the provider for delivery of some courses:  

Once again: Centers should inform me beforehand of their requirements for training delivery (~6 weeks before) to ensure the necessary Highpoint trainers are scheduled and we have enough time to plan logistics for them be on-site: visas, travel, accommodation, etc.

Course Syllabus:

The Course syllabus has been slightly amended recently mainly to reduce the # of classroom delivery days required for user training. Some courses were merged together (e.g: CG35/36 -> from a 3-day course to 2-days) and other e-Learning courses 
were removed because they were redundant (e.g.: CG03/CG06 - functions were being already included in other courses).

To facilitate the understanding of the courses being developed by Highpoint, I've prepared the following OCS End-User Training course syllabus list which includes a high-level description of the course objectives/content, proposed delivery method and course duration. This is key for Centers as a starting point to understand the end-users courses we are currently developing and help you identify the # of delegates requiring the courses to build your delivery schedule, and explore if additional courses will be required for your Center

Let me know if you have any questions... More soon!