EUT Update - Feb 15, 2013

posted Feb 15, 2013, 4:20 AM by Tania Jordan
Following the OCS Project Managers meeting towards the end of January, I met with the Training Coordinators from ILRI (Nelly Owano) and ICRAF (Rosemary Kande) in Nairobi to discuss the plans for their end-user Training strategy.  This face-to-face session was very useful for all ends since it gave us the opportunity to share useful ideas and understand that there are various factors to consider when planning EUT which are determinant to help choose the most appropriate ways to roll-out user training in a Center. 

I'm sharing the summary of the recommendation made to OCS Project Managers in the meeting around End-User Training  which are key for the Training Coordinators to be aware of as well:  

·End-User Training planning needs to start at least 3 months ahead of Center's planned roll-out date. Centers should engage with Training Coordinator and Highpoint to:

o   Analyze the EUT Course Syllabus and identify gaps

o   Mapping end- users to Courses based on their role in the OCS system and location to know who should learn what, when & where to prepare a Training schedule

o   Complete the Training Requirements Document (TRD)

o   Identify and start preparing internal Trainers

o   Assist Center's in writing their Training Plan (see draft Training plan on the EUT page to get an idea)

·         Baseline end-user training materials based on IRRI's localized database (developed up until December 2012) are now available. OCS staff interested should contact me to get access to these materials. It is recommended that Training Coordinators start looking at these to begin assessing the changes required with their process experts.

·         Localization of the training materials: OCS Centers have access to all end-user training materials source code (raw videos .ctpx; doc,ppt files) as part of the contract. Centers can opt to contract Highpoint for localization of materials / do this in-house. If you plan to do this in-house, it's key to ensure you have the internal resources available and inform the Training Coordinator about your plans.

·         Delivery of classroom-based EUT courses can be scheduled with Highpoint and it is highly recommended to use them for the highly specialist courses (e.g.: Finance). Highpoint needs at least two months’ advanced notice to schedule their resources based on Center's needs for localization / delivery.

·         If Center's are planning to use their internal Trainers for some of your Training Delivery, it is key to start appointing them to ensure they are prepared previously to carry out this important task. It is key to discuss how you plan to prepare your Trainers and which courses they should be prepared to deliver.

·         OCS Project managers should look at their project plans and ensure that their DB from UAT is signed off, tested and complete at least six weeks before they wish to go-live to avoid re-work of end-user materials.  Moreover, system builders/ process experts should be made available to respond to questions made by Highpoint during this period.

Next steps

Based on the lessons learned  with the initial EUT roll-out for IRRI, a new Training Plan template will be prepared by OCS Training Coordinator and Highpoint; and this will be shared soon. Moreover, I will also be coordinating virtual Webex sessions in late February or early March with OCS Project Managers, Center Training Coordinators and Highpoint services who is interested in talking to Centers about their EUT strategies and offer their services available. 

Until next update. 

Tania Jordan, OCS Training Coordinator