Demo of the LMS for OCS from Highpoint

posted Aug 13, 2012, 2:02 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Aug 13, 2012, 2:33 AM ]
Highpoint provided a virtual online demo of the LMS being built for OCS Centers interested in the tool.  

Participants: Silvia Ticconi (Bioversity), Tania Jordan (Consortium), Ian Moore (ILRI /ICRAF), CIP (Carlos Varela / Percy Cabello) and Fiona Powell (Highpoint).

Fiona (Highpoint) will prepare some input to the areas in the LMS which require our feedback/input and sign-off (e.g: categories, level of setup to manage quizzes/grades,  max number of questions in quizzes, pre-requisite courses - how to manage, etc). We should ensure we remove any 'feature' we will not use to keep the LMS as clean as possible (e.g.: competencies should not be visible to users).  We also asked Fiona if she can send some screenshots / reports from the U.Sussex who also implemented this LMS to assess what these reports look like with real data and help us understand what we would like see from the LMS reports.

There are some questions which require further analysis such as:
- One LMS instance for all Centers or one instance per Center? Highpoint quoted one LMS instance for all Centers. 
- Concurrent users: Highpoint quoted the program for up to: 300 concurrent users at a time. Will this enough during training roll-out? Highpoint is investigating how promptly can we move from one bracket of concurrent users to another, and how much would this cost for us to assess.
- Which criteria should be used to mark courses / pre-requisite courses as 'completed'. This can be configured on a course by course basis. To be discussed / agreed with each Training Coordinator.

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OCS LMS Demo - Totara Moodle