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End User Training at ICRAF

posted Mar 11, 2015, 6:52 AM by Caroline Nzui

End user training at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) is set to comence from the 16th of March 2015 at ICRAF Campus in Nairobi.
ICRAF has engaged a Nairobi based training consultant to assist in this exercise for Staff based in HQ.

There shall be three types of training:-

·         Class room for each work stream

·         E-Learning through interactive video learning materials

The following modules shall be compulsory for all staff:-

·         Introduction to Agresso Web

·         Travel modules

·         Absences (leave)

·         Requisition (Procurement)

Training materials shall include:-

·         Quick Cards

·         Reference guides

·         Video learning materials.

Africa Rice End User Training

posted Nov 10, 2014, 2:18 AM by Caroline Nzui   [ updated Nov 10, 2014, 5:09 AM ]

End user training is scheduled for 17th November to 30th November 2014. During this period all staff will be trained with content from the training portal.



The training course catalog that the center will use for training and change management will be handled by Wassi Technologies.

End-User Training started in WorldFish - HQ

posted Jul 4, 2013, 1:08 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Jul 4, 2013, 1:31 AM ]

WorldFish - OCS End-User Training participants
OCS End-User
 classroom Training delivery aWorldFish HQ has started and is scheduled to run until Friday, July 12th, 2013. 

Two Highpoint trainers: Steve Jones and Ben Houghton are on site during this period to deliver the first round of the core Finance, HR and Projects-related courses. 

End-Users participating in the classroom courses have started submitting their feedback about the classroom courses and e-Learning courses they've completed so far; and to date, the feedback has been quite positive in general. 

This user feedback will be key to enable the OCS WorldFish Training team to ensure continuous improvement for the upcoming OCS Training's to be scheduled in WorldFish HQ and country offices post roll-out.

This figure shows how the Training delivery of the courses have been scheduled in HQ: 

Finally, here are some additional photos of the User Training delivery in WorldFish:  
Photos courtesy of: Corina Seen Yee Thong (WorldFish)

EUT Update: June 2013

posted Jun 17, 2013, 6:00 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Jun 18, 2013, 12:32 AM ]

OCS (based on Agresso Business World – ABW) is about to finalize the implementation phase in WorldFish and it will become operational soon. 

All staff will use it in one way or another since this system will integrate activity across the core business processes of Research Management, Human Resources, Budgeting and Financial Control and Resource Management within WorldFish.

Understanding that it will take staff time to learn and get accustomed to using Agresso, OCS End-User classroom Training delivery at WorldFish HQ is scheduled from July 1-12, 2013 and a group of users will be trained as trainers in Agresso on the 27th and 28th June. Two Highpoint trainers will be on site to deliver the first round of the core Finance, HR and Projects-related courses. 

Taking advantage of this f2f training period, the Finance team in HQ is also organizing additional sessions to update Finance staff about the new finance processes at WorldFish. 

As part of the training strategy, WorldFish has invited one key focal point from each regional office (7 in total); to participate in these professional classroom training sessions in HQ so they can be ‘champions’ in helping their colleagues carry out the functions required in their offices. Additional training sessions for the country offices (and HQ) will be scheduled following initial roll-out using internal WorldFish trainers.

On July 1st, all staff in WorldFish HQ will be invited to commence the self-paced e-Learning courses which have been developed to allow staff to learn how to use the Agresso system. These courses can be completed directly from their own computers; through a Training Google site being setup for WorldFish and includes: introductory courses to help them use the Agresso Self Service / Smart Client interfaces and additional courses to learn:

-  How to book leave (absence)

- How to manage their personal information in HR (dependents, assigning a substitute, competencies, booking training courses, recording annual objectives; etc.)

-   and how to raise a requisition and travel requests.

Staff working in Finance, HR and Projects Office will have some additional specialized prerequisite courses to complete prior to attending the classroom courses and they have been informed of this accordingly.

At the moment, Highpoint is currently localizing the materials for WorldFish and an OCS sandbox is being setup by the WorldFish team so end-users can easily follow the e-Learning courses while accessing a close to ‘real’ system to give them the feeling of how the system can be used when rolled-out. WorldFish staff will be informed when the Training site and sandbox is ready for them to get the learning process started.

EUT plans

This is the spreadsheet with the current planned EUT information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApfuEIKrAdcpdGt5Q1hSTGMtRTRkZUs0eDloa1hWWmc&usp=sharingIt’s key that Centers inform the Training Coordinator of their plans for EUT, including the level of support required by the Training provider to ensure consistent planning throughout 2013.

Thank you,

Tania Jordan

EUT Update - Feb 15, 2013

posted Feb 15, 2013, 4:20 AM by Tania Jordan

Following the OCS Project Managers meeting towards the end of January, I met with the Training Coordinators from ILRI (Nelly Owano) and ICRAF (Rosemary Kande) in Nairobi to discuss the plans for their end-user Training strategy.  This face-to-face session was very useful for all ends since it gave us the opportunity to share useful ideas and understand that there are various factors to consider when planning EUT which are determinant to help choose the most appropriate ways to roll-out user training in a Center. 

I'm sharing the summary of the recommendation made to OCS Project Managers in the meeting around End-User Training  which are key for the Training Coordinators to be aware of as well:  

·End-User Training planning needs to start at least 3 months ahead of Center's planned roll-out date. Centers should engage with Training Coordinator and Highpoint to:

o   Analyze the EUT Course Syllabus and identify gaps

o   Mapping end- users to Courses based on their role in the OCS system and location to know who should learn what, when & where to prepare a Training schedule

o   Complete the Training Requirements Document (TRD)

o   Identify and start preparing internal Trainers

o   Assist Center's in writing their Training Plan (see draft Training plan on the EUT page to get an idea)

·         Baseline end-user training materials based on IRRI's localized database (developed up until December 2012) are now available. OCS staff interested should contact me to get access to these materials. It is recommended that Training Coordinators start looking at these to begin assessing the changes required with their process experts.

·         Localization of the training materials: OCS Centers have access to all end-user training materials source code (raw videos .ctpx; doc,ppt files) as part of the contract. Centers can opt to contract Highpoint for localization of materials / do this in-house. If you plan to do this in-house, it's key to ensure you have the internal resources available and inform the Training Coordinator about your plans.

·         Delivery of classroom-based EUT courses can be scheduled with Highpoint and it is highly recommended to use them for the highly specialist courses (e.g.: Finance). Highpoint needs at least two months’ advanced notice to schedule their resources based on Center's needs for localization / delivery.

·         If Center's are planning to use their internal Trainers for some of your Training Delivery, it is key to start appointing them to ensure they are prepared previously to carry out this important task. It is key to discuss how you plan to prepare your Trainers and which courses they should be prepared to deliver.

·         OCS Project managers should look at their project plans and ensure that their DB from UAT is signed off, tested and complete at least six weeks before they wish to go-live to avoid re-work of end-user materials.  Moreover, system builders/ process experts should be made available to respond to questions made by Highpoint during this period.

Next steps

Based on the lessons learned  with the initial EUT roll-out for IRRI, a new Training Plan template will be prepared by OCS Training Coordinator and Highpoint; and this will be shared soon. Moreover, I will also be coordinating virtual Webex sessions in late February or early March with OCS Project Managers, Center Training Coordinators and Highpoint services who is interested in talking to Centers about their EUT strategies and offer their services available. 

Until next update. 

Tania Jordan, OCS Training Coordinator

EUT Update- Nov 16

posted Nov 16, 2012, 3:30 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Nov 23, 2012, 6:10 AM ]

End-User Training delivery at IRRI HQ is scheduled on Dec 10-21, 2012 using Highpoint trainers to deliver all Finance-related courses, IRRI trainers to deliver courses to HR and Projects Office staff, and Projects Office staff delivering seminar style presentations to Project leaders on their functions in Agresso. All other staff in HQ will be trained through self-paced e-Learning courses using the Learning Management System. CIP is scheduling end-user Training from Jan 7-25, 2013 in Lima, Peru and I'm communicating with them to provide support to their delivery plan.

To ensure we were able to meet IRRI's deadline, Highpoint has already started to work on the localization of IRRI's user training documentation this week and plan to finalize them on Friday, Nov 30th. The baseline materials based on base build DB were 75% complete, and Highpoint is using those as the starting point to work on IRRI's localization documents. Highpoint plans to finalize baseline materials once we ensure IRRI is up and running with their localized courses for EUT.

IRRI-Localization of materials

Highpoint is working from the UK on the localization of IRRI's Training course documentation with a team of 6-7 people who are interacting with IRRI's system builders/process experts by email or Skype to capture their feedback to finalize and sign-off their localized training documentation. 

As I mentioned in a previous update: it's key that all Centers document the different localization changes being made on your systems to ensure that when we get to the point of having the localize your training materials, these can be easily amended either by your own system builders/experts or by Highpoint as an optional service. Centers should inform me beforehand of their intentions for localization (~6 weeks before) to ensure the necessary Highpoint resources are scheduled to support you when required.

IRRI Classroom schedule (Dec 10-21): 

This most recent user training classroom schedule for IRRI can be previewed below. This is where ultimately all Centers should get to depending on the courses you require and number of delegates for each course. Centers will have to think carefully whether they will have their own trainers delivering some courses, or if they will require support from the provider for delivery of some courses:  

Once again: Centers should inform me beforehand of their requirements for training delivery (~6 weeks before) to ensure the necessary Highpoint trainers are scheduled and we have enough time to plan logistics for them be on-site: visas, travel, accommodation, etc.

Course Syllabus:

The Course syllabus has been slightly amended recently mainly to reduce the # of classroom delivery days required for user training. Some courses were merged together (e.g: CG35/36 -> from a 3-day course to 2-days) and other e-Learning courses 
were removed because they were redundant (e.g.: CG03/CG06 - functions were being already included in other courses).

To facilitate the understanding of the courses being developed by Highpoint, I've prepared the following OCS End-User Training course syllabus list which includes a high-level description of the course objectives/content, proposed delivery method and course duration. This is key for Centers as a starting point to understand the end-users courses we are currently developing and help you identify the # of delegates requiring the courses to build your delivery schedule, and explore if additional courses will be required for your Center

Let me know if you have any questions... More soon!

EUT Update - Oct 8-12

posted Oct 12, 2012, 7:32 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Oct 12, 2012, 12:38 PM ]

This week (8/10/12)

1.    The Baseline Training Materials development by Highpoint is progressing, with some delays. To date, approximately 70% of the Training courses have been drafted and Highpoint expects to finalize the majority of the courses on Oct 19, 2012, to move on to localization of IRRI's training materials.

2.    We should expect some delay in the completion of the baseline courses for HR and Projects due to incompleteness of our Training Database and delays from the base build process experts to provide feedback given they are clearly very busy themselves trying to move forward their own localisations and deadlines.

3.    I have been working with IRRI and Highpoint to complete IRRI's user and role mapping. This is a key process to ensure we have an accurate number of people in the courses and identify the course delivery schedule for the 3 weeks EUT period prior to roll-out. Given there are approximately 15 classroom-based courses to deliver, it is clear that EUT delivery will need to continue beyond IRRI's roll-out date, hence the strategy to date is to prioritize the delivery of key courses that are required before roll-out, and postpone others for later.

4.    When carrying out the role mapping exercise with IRRI, I realized the course objectives for some of the courses was not really clear. The course content is actually explained in the Course syllabus provided by Highpoint at proposal level, but my intention is to prepare a summary spreadsheet with a detailed list of the user training  classroom courses including: course objectives, duration, and type of delivery so facilitate this process for the other Centers and ensure we do not enroll people in courses if not required by them to carry out their work and keep the # of delivery days lean. I will send this to you when finalized early next week.

5.    I've been working on the LMS scoping document so the solution design of the LMS architecture can be carried out by Highpoint next week to prepare for IRRI's setup and appropriate Learning Programs.

Week (Oct 15, 2012) (-4 weeks)

1.    I will be visiting Highpoint on Oct 18 and 19 to for a thorough review meeting to review the baseline Training documents, discuss the solution design for the LMS, including user management and learning programs. 

2.    There are a number of issues regarding the current Training database that need to be resolved, to allow Highpoint to finalize the materials and exercises. Highpoint is expecting to receive a fully functioning database version this week (15/10/12). Dave Swain and Unit4 are working on this. It's important to highlight that further delays with this represents a risk to complete the base build EUT materials.

Week (Oct 22, 2012) (-3 weeks)

1.    IRRI and Highpoint to complete the user Learning Program mapping for LMS

2.    Setup and configure LMS learning programs for IRRI

3.    Agree  and send communications to learners – IRRI/TaniaJ/Highpoint

4.    Pilot LMS with some key users IRRI

Week (Oct 29, 2012)  (-2 weeks)

1.    Finalise all materials for IRRI - Highpoint

2.    Testing and Review -Highpoint/IRRI

Week (Nov 5, 2012) (-1 week)

1.    Final test / Ensure Training DB accessible from Training Rooms and from PC's - IRRI

2.    Users scheduled in classroom-based courses should start the e-Learning/self-paced courses through the LMS as pre-requisite to participate in the classroom-based courses

3.    Printing of materials - IRRI

Week (Nov 12, 2012)

1.    User Training Delivery Starts at IRRI

A few recommendations for all Centers when planning EUT:

1. It's very important to start thinking carefully about your internal OCS end-user trainers. To appoint a trainer who will deliver Agresso end-user courses, it's recommended they: 

o    Know the subject matter and processes of the courses they are required to teach

o    Know how to use and browse through the Agresso system

o    Have some experience with user training delivery (nice to have)

o    Have enough time for preparations prior to delivery (E.g: read through all materials (lesson plan, exercises, reference materials) and practice exercises on the system 

 2. Those of your who are currently localizing your OCS databases, it would be a good practice to ensure that all new fields, tabs and processes are being clearly documented (in English hopefully) by all workstreams in your Center to facilitate and speed up the localization of your materials when we get to this point.

Until next update! 

EUT Update: Sept 10-14

posted Sep 14, 2012, 6:46 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Sep 14, 2012, 6:59 AM ]

Baseline Course development and high-level EUT plan for 2012: 

The Introductory courses HP01, HP02 and HP03 were reviewed by some of the Training Coordinators, and their collated feedback was sent to Highpoint for their action this week. 

Once Highpoint incorporates the changes, I believe we can consider these as Completed, pending final quick review. 

This exercise with the Training Coordinators was interesting since it gave us the opportunity to see the theory in action; allowing us to mark our preferences with the courses, in terms of content quality, clarity of questions in the quizzes and feedback forms. Thank you to the Training Coordinators from Bioversity, ILRI, WorldAgroforesty, and IRRI for their useful feedback!

On the other hand, Highpoint has been communicating with the 1st base build Workstream leads to get their feedback on processes and clarify questions for the Finance, Projects and HR courses. Following their interactions, and given Highpoint now has access to the Training DB (see note below), I expect we may be receiving  additional courses to review next week.

Highpoint plans to complete the initial development of the baseline courses by end September 2012, followed by our review and sign-off in October 2012. 

In October we also plan to localize materials based on IRRI's localization. CIP may choose to localize materials in Spanish with the Unit4 office in Cali (TBC) which then, will probably be reused by CIAT too. 

Training Database:  On Thursday, Sept 13th; Highpoint received the Training database which as you know, is based on our 1st OCS base build. This was a critical step we were waiting for, to allow Highpoint to move forward with the development of materials and training exercises.

As you know, the Base Build DB was not fully tested during Integrated System Tests (IST). Highpoint expressed their initial concern with this, since they fear this may be a potential issue if some of the functions, which are required in user training, do not work as they should with that DB.  

To find the potential issues for EUT with more accuracy, Highpoint is planning to test a sample of the processes in the Training DB to determine the %age success rate, and report back to me next week. I will keep you informed of the outcomes of this process. 

LMS:  The LMS course design layout I proposed was accepted by the Training Coordinators, hence I have informed Highpoint to apply that layout for all subsequent courses on the LMS to ensure consistency

At this point, it becomes key to start understanding Center's preferences of Strategy, to know who is really interested in the LMS and be able to calculate the variable LMS cost distribution in a more accurate way. What does your Center need to be able to determine to opt-in or out of the LMS? Please let me know soon, so I can try to help.  

Weekly update: Aug 27-31

posted Sep 3, 2012, 2:47 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Sep 3, 2012, 3:28 AM ]

Dear Training Coordinators, As I mentioned last week, Highpoint had started the development of the three general introductory courses, which I reviewed myself first prior to asking Training Coordinators to review given that I felt they still needed some quality check from Highpoint. Following my feedback to Highpoint, I believe these are now ready for your review and would appreciate feedback from you in regards to quality and clarity of the materials by Friday, Sept 7, 2012.

Action:  How to provide feedback on the first 3 introductory courses:

I've create an online Google spreadsheet with a worksheet to get your feedback for each course. Each worksheet has the name of the courses and has an area for each sub-section of the course. Please use the ' General' worksheet to provide any general comments that apply for all courses. Use the name of the spreadsheet and the sections for each course to provide your feedback on a specific area of the course.

·         Link of the feedback spreadsheet for Training Coordinators: Click here (login with your CGX account)

·         Link of the feedback spreadsheet for IRRI:  Click here

The link of the courses to review in the LMS are:

·        HP01 - Introduction to Agresso Self-Service

·     HP02 - Introduction to Agresso Smart client (HR Users)

·     HP03 - Introduction to Agresso Smart client

More updates:

- IRRI has moved their roll-out date to Dec 3, 2012 in HQ .This means that by end October 2012, all end-user Training courses and LMS should be properly created and setup to support IRRI's roll-out and I will plan accordingly with the provider to ensure this. 

- The Training Database will be sent by the OCS build team to Highpoint this week. With the Training Database, Highpoint will be able to start manipulating it to add Training data / document the cases / screenshots for the end-user materials and exercises, etc to continue developing the rest of the subject courses. 

-  1st OCS base build Process Experts : Please note: Highpoint will be contacting you (via email) with questions and schedule calls with you (via Skype) to ask questions and clarify the 'stories' they are putting together in order to create concise, accurate and quality training materials that are meaningful to our end-users. Please be supportive to the provider when they ask questions. If you are not able to talk them, please suggest someone else who can help on your behalf. Thank you in advance!

- LMS - Action: I have worked on a suggested Course layout for the LMS which I am validating with Training Coordinators and hope to get a response from them by Sept 7thThis will help us sign-off a default suggested course structure for all subsequent courses that will be designed for use in the LMS.  


Tania Jordan

Weekly Update: Aug 13-17, 2012

posted Aug 17, 2012, 7:39 AM by Tania Jordan   [ updated Aug 19, 2012, 11:47 PM ]

The design and development of the end-User Training courses for OCS has started and is progressing well. As anticipated, Unit4/Highpoint has completed the initial pre-requisite courses:

o   HP01 - Introduction to Agresso Self-Service

o   HP02 - Introduction to Agresso Smart client (HR Users)

o   HP03 - Introduction to Agresso Smart client

I'm currently reviewing the initial set of pre-prerequisite courses to find any quality /content issues. These will be shared with Center Training Coordinators next week so they can also provide their feedback through an online form  being setup by me. Once we agree on the initial content, these courses will be signed-off as complete.  

Access to the cutoff Training Database was given to Highpoint this week, hence they have also started looking at the base system build which will be used for the development of the baseline training courses, and they have started working on the following courses/ content items as well: 

CG01 (Introduction to Projects) – This is a self-study introduction to Projects course. CG02 will follow after but is the course most in need of FL guidance and information.

CG09 (Introduction to Finance) – 2 tutorials on LMS dealing with Attributes and Account Rules. More to be added soon.

CG10 (General Ledger) – Skeleton of the Reference Guide created.

CG26 (HR Employees) – Skeleton Reg Guide created.

Finally, I've created a page on this site so you can follow-up on the end-user Training course development status at anytime.

Until next update. 

Tania Jordan (OCS Training Coordinator)

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