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New stage in OCS

posted Jul 25, 2016, 10:18 PM by Caroline Nzui

The OCS Team, dedicated in implementing our institutional platform Agresso, began operation in CIAT since January 2015 with various modules such as logistics, finance and travel. Later, in January 2016  the Human Resource Management module went live with 12 sub-modules and a transition phase began where people from the OCS project returned to the IT Unit and/or to their respective areas (such as supplies, Human Resource Management).

For this reason and beginning this year (2016), the IT unit acquired full control and accountability of users support, training and new requirements both for HQ and the regions.

We appreciate if all support requests and/or services are channeled through the helpdesk, our single point of contact. Our staff is receiving all the necessary training to solve all user requests including all necessary follow-ups.

 Remember you can contact the helpdesk on extension 
3097 or email &

Agresso and CIAT: key to work in 2015

posted Mar 12, 2015, 7:01 AM by   [ updated Mar 19, 2015, 9:00 AM ]

CIAT began 2015 with the good news that the Agresso platform, officially launched last 5 January, is now live and that the uncertainties associated with such an important event are gradually being resolved, while already yielding benefits for the Center.
This date signifies a real milestone, because it indicates that, in 2015, the new platform will continue being implemented. In fact, once the adjustments are completed—which will allow us to make the most of Agresso—steps will be taken to make the Human Management and Travel Modules function in correspondence with the Regions’ needs, and to provide new training schedules.  

To facilitate the best possible use of this tool, the One Corporate System (OCS) Team focused on training a group of 30 multipliers on how to manage Agresso. Groups of 20 to 30 users from different support units at CIAT also received teaching sessions on Agresso, its functioning, and the advantages of relying on only one platform that integrates applications. Previously, these applications had been managed separately, including Travel Information System, International Consultants, and Budget Execution.

Consultation options
Training in the management of Agresso will continue in 2105. Because of the complexity of the concerns raised, an entire structure of technical support will be set up to help guarantee the continuity of daily administrative processes, facilitate the resolution of concerns, and provide continual learning. The response times in which these concerns are resolved by different expert teams are shown in the figure below

A set of consultation materials was also generated, comprising: 


·         Quick guide to entering Agresso from Internet

·         Quick guide to entering Agresso as an application on your computer

·         Questions and answers on Agresso

·         Formats (Travel - Consultants)

·         Lists of office companions who can help

·         Informative page on OCS and Agresso in the CIAT Intranet (restricted access)


Final comments


You are invited to regard 2015 as the year in which CIAT begins a new step with a novel work tool that will bring further learning and benefits, thus strengthening the Center’s labors. The support and willingness that you have all demonstrated so far form the foundation on which to continue building Agresso as an essential instrument for both CIAT and the CGIAR Consortium.


CIAT starts 2015 hand in hand with Agresso

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The year 2015 is less than two weeks away, and good news are already showing, including the launch of Agresso, the new administrative platform that will go live on 5 January, which will become a first-hand tool for a large part of the Center’s daily management operations.

Learning how to operate this tool and making the best out of it is a key objective for the One Corporate Service (OCS) team, which has been working on training 30 multipliers about crucial topics such as issuance and follow-up of requisitions.

Groups of 20–30 users, from CIAT’s different service units, have also been trained during December about Agresso, how it works, and the benefits of having one single platform integrating the applications that so far had been operated separately, such as the travel information system, international service providers, and budget execution.

How to access Agresso?

There are two options. One is following the link, where you will be able to access all the applications using the same user and password used to log in to your computer and Outlook account. This option is particularly advantageous as it allows you to access the tool from anywhere.

The second option to access Agresso is installing a direct access from your computer to the platform, with support of the HelpDesk. This option demands a higher security level, thus a VPN connection will be required to access from outside CIAT.

Quick consultation resources

Training sessions on Agresso will continue in 2015. Nevertheless, please bear in mind the following consultation resources are also available as quick guides:

·         Quick guide to access Agresso via internet

·         Quick guide to access Agresso as an applicationset up in your computer

·         10 questions and answers about Agresso

Should any doubts persist after you consult these resources, keep in mind that a trained multiplier might be just next to your office, and he/she will be able to provide support on specific questions or concerns. See here a list of the people trained as multipliers.

In case the multiplier providing support cannot solve your doubts, you may also call the HelpDesk team. They are trained in managing the tool and will be able to address your questions with the OCS team to ensure a better service.

Something to remember

The invitation is then to start 2015 with a new work tool that will bring new lessons and benefits that will strengthen CIAT’s science. The OSC team and the Center are counting on each of you to keep up this process that will enable a better integration within CIAT and with the CGIAR Consortium.


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