OSU services

The OSU was created to:
    •  Establish, maintain and develop a stable hosting platform (infrastructure, systems and software) for the operation of the OCS production environment and for the development and test environments.
    • Manage User Access (Firewall, VPN, Active Directory, Citrix/Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for Smart client access and Self Service web access).
    • Monitor performance of the hosting platform against agreed requirements and service levels and adjust the environment where needed.
    • Provide oversight, from the hosting environment perspective, of the initial and future OCS Centre deployments.
    •  Setup and manage an OSU Service desk that provides support for the hosting platform and second-level application support. The first level of support for OCS issues is the centre’s existing help desk function and the centre’s team of OCS experts; when a request cannot be resolved at this level the centre team escalates the issue to the OSU. If necessary, an OSU specialist escalates problems or issues to Unit4 Agresso Managed Services (AMS) or other providers. Contractually, the OSU is the only contact point between CGIAR centres and Unit4 and other vendors.
    •  Suggest new initiatives and provide coordination for the development and implementation of new Agresso modules and major changes to existing modules that several member Centres decide to implement.
    • Exercise controlled change of all system upgrades, updates and modifications to the production environment and guide centres on updating their systems to minimise disruption to participating Centres
    • Implement changes to the Consortium managed control lists in Centres’ clients
    •  Maintain the base build client of the OCS, implementing changes approved by the System Development Authority (SDA) and guide Centres on applying relevant updates of the base build to their individual clients
    • Coordinate future cross-centre training initiatives and update the core set of end-user training materials
    • Manage the risk profile, security and business continuity of the OCS
    •  Manage the contracts and service level agreements that OCS has with AMS and other third party providers for hosting, managed services, and other products and services.
    •   Assist the OCS Steering Committee (SC) and System Design Authority (SDA) to discharge their responsibilities
    • Manage the administrative functions of the OCS including procurement, assets  and billing